Host a Fundraiser in Three Steps


Ready to host a fundraiser selling Audrey's Pumpkin & Gourmet Cake Rolls? Fill out this interest form, Chris Priebe or another team member will get back to you shortly to answer any questions you have. They will send you a link to collect your organization's information for the fundraiser. Once complete we will add you to our website's fundraising page and your organization can begin selling rolls either online or in person!

Sell Rolls

We have some great stories over the years of sports teams, non-profits, and churches all selling rolls and tallying up rolls on paper, but we are excited to also be offering fundraising sales online for no extra fee. Your fundraisers can now either collect cash/check and make a list of sales or direct them to to purchase the rolls for your fundraiser!

Deliver & Enjoy

Upon registering your fundraiser you will select a date and time for pick-up/drop-off of the rolls from The Warehouse Bakery for your fundraiser (you will also get a list of purchased rolls from the online portal). Your fundraising team is responsible for coordinating the pickup/delivery of the rolls to your fundraising supporters. We definitely recommend getting a roll or two for yourself to enjoy! Reach out to host a fundraiser for a cause important to you in Crawfordsville, IN!

Fundraising FAQs

How do we get the rolls from you to deliver?

If your fundraiser sells more than $1,700 we will deliver all of your rolls to you for free on the day of your scheduled pickup date. If you sell less than $1,700 we will charge a fair fee to deliver the rolls to you or offer for you to pick them up if you're in the area. It's important the rolls stay nice and cold so they don't spoil.

Do we get a order form or something to sell rolls?

Yes! The Warehouse Bakery team will make you a customized flyer, social media graphic, copies of an order form that will include a "how to" guide to show supporters how to purchase rolls online, and access to the website that lists your fundraiser details. If you are in need of something else, don't hesitate to ask!

What flavors of rolls do we get to sell?

All thirteen flavors (apple cinnamon, banana walnut, blueberry, carrot, chocolate, chocolate mint, lemon, chocolate raspberry, pumpkin, red velvet, strawberry, white raspberry, and chocolate peanut butter) plus we can discuss making a custom roll that reflects your schools or organization's colors!

How much money do organizations make on a fundraiser?

The goal of offering fundraisers is to support causes around the midwest. The Warehouse Bakery charges fundraisers $12.50 per roll, and we give you the option to sell your rolls anywhere between $15-$20. So if you choose your selling price to be $17, you make $3 per roll. If you sell 300 rolls that's $900!

What about allergies? Do you have Gluten Free/ Peanut Free options?

Our rolls are made in a facility with nuts and the cake is made with wheat flour. You can see a full list of each rolls' ingredients here. So let us know!